IST Sessions

Inner Space, Interactive Sourcing is one of the powerful Inner Space Techniques that not only uncovers the source of emotional scars so they can be healed but also opens the door to your true nature. With this process comes a sense of freedom. You gradually move away from being ruled by reactions to having clarity and the ability to make choices on how to respond to challenging situations in your life.

It is designed to bring awareness to personal patterns that are keeping you stuck and ‘small.’  The end result being an alignment with the part of yourself that knows Truth.

When working with you privately in IST, Wenndi facilitates the session by bringing a space of acceptance and vision that helps you to see for yourself the origin (source) of conditioned reactions or behaviors and the mechanisms that keep these patterns unconscious and in place.

These blocks often show up as self-limiting beliefs, fear, anger, deep sadness or anxiety that hold you back from living a full and productive life. In these sessions you will have realizations of why your life has taken the course it did instead of the path you wanted. You’ll get right to the core of the issue and open it up in a way that leads to profound spiritual realizations.

For many it’s a new start in life with a sense of freedom and spontaneity as the result.
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ISIS Testimonials

Well it has almost been a month. I have to say that it seems as if the ever present melancholia has lifted and has been replaced by contentment. .. It feels nice to JUST BE. There is a different quality to it—it is new for me. I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and gifts.  ~N.W. – Orange County, CA