Welcome to Engage the Flow!  I’m Wenndi Freer and I specialize in meditation, creating sacred space and grief recovery. My objective is to help you sustain your health,  success and well-being and I’ve developed a system to do just that.

Most of my clients fall into one of these two categories:

  1. People who want to make a change or improve a specific area of their life, like career, relationship or health and
  2. People who have a life that looks quite good on the outside but something inside doesn’t feel completely satisfied. This dissatisfaction often feels like a little itch in the background of their life that makes it more difficult to fully appreciate their accomplishments and can sometimes make it hard to deeply connect to the people that are most important to them. Simply put a sense of fulfillment and purpose is missing and there is no apparent reason why.

I’ve created on-line programs for your convenience and numerous live events for the times when you want to experience the power and fullness that a group setting provides.  My private sessions are tailored for your specific needs and create a safe space for you to have the internal shifts you crave.

In order to get lasting results for my clients my approach has a metaphysical component and incorporates self-exploration techniques. I do not encourage quick fixes rather the satisfaction that comes with the depth of knowing your own truth.

A supportive environment is an essential ingredient to real change. To help you maintain your internal shift I offer space clearings to reset and revitalize the energy in your home or office.

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I hope you have a few minutes to enjoy the sense of tranquility and connection that comes from the pictures on my site. Be Well! ~Wenndi