Space clearing is a step by step ceremony where I use flower offerings, clapping and bells to change the way a place feels. It’s designed to clear stagnant energy and revitalize your space so that you feel uplifted and supported in your life journey.

Most people can easily recognize when a room or home feels comfortable, warm and inviting or when it feels cold or even creepy. The dilemma is that most people don’t know what to do to get the desired feeling they want in their home or work place. This is where space clearing comes in.

Space clearing is a specialized branch of Feng Shui dedicated to balancing, harmonizing and revitalizing the energy in your home or office. The basic principles of Feng Shui were founded on knowing how to sense what is happening energetically and working with the energy of a space in a way that brings alignment and vibrancy. When the energy flow is alive and healthy, life feels synchronistic and wellbeing presides. When it stagnates we feel stuck.

Space Clearing is particularly helpful for people who have:

  • Just moved into a new home or office
  • Gone through a major life change
  • Want to engage a spiritual path
  • Want support with clutter clearing
  • Are looking for a new career or direction in life
  • Want to re-ignite passion for life

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“It is perfection! Thank you so much for sharing your magic! I feel amazing and so happy. Riding a euphoric high!”  Irina, Jewelry Artist

“Having Wenndi do the space clearing in my home was like an energetic “roto-rooter” job. I was feeling totally stuck regarding some major life decisions, and felt like I just couldn’t tap in to my own vision of what I wanted. Wenndi was not only able to identify exactly what was getting in my way, but to break apart the “stuck” energy, allowing my imagination and intuition to start flowing again.

I have been able to identify where I want to go in the areas of career, family, and artistic expression. I am on a roll in terms of knowing what actions to take, and being led to exactly what’s next. My husband is appreciating and enjoying the shift, and we have found ourselves tackling and completing projects together around the home that had been hanging around incomplete for months.

The space clearing definitely met all of my expectations and then some.” LCD, Escondido, CA