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“Having Wenndi do the space clearing in my home was like an energetic “roto-rooter” job. I was feeling totally stuck regarding some major life decisions, and felt like I just couldn’t tap in to my own vision of what I wanted. Wenndi was not only able to identify exactly what was getting in my way, but to break apart the “stuck” energy, allowing my imagination and intuition to start flowing again. I have been able to identify where I want to go in the areas of career, family, and artistic expression. I am on a roll in terms of knowing what actions to take, and being led to exactly what’s next. My husband is appreciating and enjoying the shift, and we have found ourselves tackling and completing projects together around the home that had been hanging around incomplete for months. The space clearing definitely met all of my expectations and then some.”  ~ LCD, Escondido, CA

Inner Space Techniques Testimonials
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It has almost been a month. I have to say that it seems as if the ever present melancholia has lifted and has been replaced by contentment. .. It feels nice to JUST BE. There is a different quality to it—it is new for me. I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and gifts. ~N.W. – Orange County, CA

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Great information – very expanding and inspiring, practical too! The techniques are powerful but gentle, so I appreciated the experience was not too overwhelming. Wenndi is a strong instructor – very clear and comprehensive, also set good boundaries while facilitating discussions. Really nice community of friendly sincere seekers. I have taken a number of spiritual workshops and this was one of the best!  ~ Lisa L, Los Angeles, CA