Space Clearing

Space clearing is a step by step ceremony designed to clear and revitalize your home or office. It is not only an amazingly beautiful experience but also provides results such as; a feeling of harmony in your home, a sense of ease and synchronicity in your life and the ability to be more productive and abundant.

Private Sessions

In these one on one sessions we start with an initial assessment to prioritize your goals while establishing a safe space for you to start to feel your full potential. We decide together what tools and techniques are going to work best to support you in managing your stress for success in career, health, life transitions and well-being. The main focus for these sessions is to connect you to the parts that know how to function effortlessly and bring a sense of relief into your busy life.

Inner Space Techniques

Inner Space Interactive Sourcing sessions are designed to foster and deepen your spiritual path. These sessions not only clear personal limitations but also help you access your own vision and intuition to help with clarity in your life. The goal is to connect you to your inner joy and wisdom.

Meditation Workshops

Joyfully simplify the process of meditation while amplifying the benefits. You will learn straightforward meditation techniques that quiet your mind and connect you to higher states of consciousness and experiences of spiritual vision.

On-line Programs

I’ve developed an on-line program for those of you who cannot attend one of my workshops or retreats yet due to busy schedules and high demands on your time.  The aim is to give you a way to develop a solid foundation until life eases up enough for you to join me at one of my live events and  experience the power and fullness that a group setting provides.