Inner Space Techniques

Inner Space Techniques facilitate an opening of the heart and greater receptivity to flows of inspiration.

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Inner Space Interactive Sourcing

The flame that lies inside of you is immortal and unstoppable. I.S.I.S. is your doorway inside.

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Inner Space Techniques

Spiritual development is a fight, but it is a fight in which the main weapon is letting go.

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Inner Space Interactive Sourcing

Make the mind transparent, and immediately the Self will be revealed behind it.

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It’s been two months since our last session and I am still able to tune into the richness of the space you shared with me… such love and joy and healing – amazing! But I really wanted to let you know how much I am now appreciating all of the more subtle qualities of your gift that I missed during the process.  I imagine being an ISIS Practitioner necessitates that you are adept at knowing what’s in the space… and adept at that you are. I look back at our sessions in wonder at the finesse with which you came to meet me in the space – knowing exactly where I was – to gently guide me toward opening so that I could see for myself all the things waiting there for me. It’s difficult to put into words the power of grace, but grace is your gift… I’m so glad I didn’t miss it after all. Much love  ~Dianna

ISIS sessions with Wenndi have proven to be one of the most powerfully transformational activities I have ever engaged in. I have been meditating daily for nearly 3 years, which has affected great changes in me, however the depth of changes that have come about due to ISIS sessions with Wenndi have been hugely profound and immediate. On several occasions I have left my ISIS session as a changed person. I am much more comfortable with myself, the good and the bad. I am less anxious and more at peace. ISIS has giving me a greater ability to respond to “the world” rather than react. I have even had glimpses of my “Divine Self” during ISIS sessions, and I have developed the ability to connect with this Divine Self regularly. I highly recommend ISIS sessions for anyone… and Wenndi is a Master practitioner! ~Chris M. Kepler

It has almost been a month. I have to say that it seems as if the ever present melancholia has lifted and has been replaced by contentment. .. It feels nice to JUST BE. There is a different quality to it—it is new for me. I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and gifts. ~N.W. – Orange County, CA

Thank you Wenndi for all the work and insight you have given me. You are amazing in your ability to give and to reflect true, real change while holding a real space for opening. You work tirelessly in finding the best, while being as honest and straightforward as possible, and I really appreciate that. If you are looking for someone who can help you find the *real* you, then Wenndi can help. She is amazing and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her. ~A.S. Oakland, CA