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Engage Your Soul

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Great information – very expanding and inspiring, practical too! The techniques are powerful but gentle, so I appreciated the experience was not too overwhelming. Wenndi is a strong instructor – very clear and comprehensive, also set good boundaries while facilitating discussions. Really nice community of friendly sincere seekers. I have taken a number of spiritual workshops and this was one of the best!  ~ Lisa L, Los Angeles, CA

“Wenndi is an amazing intuitive healer and teacher. Her Awakening the Third Eye workshops changed how I meditated, deepened my understanding, and awakened a curiosity for more. I have been working with Wenndi for about a year through ISIS and have had her space clear my home and office every time I move, the result- abundance within myself and my life doubles! “ -Michelle G., Matchmaker, Certified Dating and Relationship Specialist

Yesterday was great!  I already shared the highlights of the workshop with four friends at dinner last night and I reviewed my notes with two of my dearest friends this morning. Thank you so much! Your gentle, playful spirit has not only renewed mine, but continues to ripple outward in a powerful and positive way.  ~ Ann D., San Diego, CA

This was such a wonderful weekend. I loved the beautiful, light stillness that was created within this group. And Wenndi’s guidance, knowledge and presence brought clarity, insights and fun. I have been to Wenndi’s meditation workshops before and each time has brought my own practice to higher levels. Thank you, Wenndi! ~Karolyn K. Oceanside, CA

Clear explanations of the meditation technique!  ~Nancy P. Los Angeles, CA

I really enjoyed the heart holding process – it was a great way for me to truly see the person as light and a soul as opposed to the physical body. Overall the weekend was wonderful – fun and lots of information.  ~Sara Y. Cardiff, CA

I enjoyed your personality. It made the process very enjoyable and allowed me to feel comfortable enough to have my experiences I feel others also reacted well, which led to more cohesiveness in the group. – Angie B, Oceanside, CA