Space Clearing Testimonials

Flower Offerings

Flower Offerings are placed in the main rooms of your home or office.Hand forged Balinese bells are used to clear and presence your space.

wenndi orchids home


Individualized altars are created based on your intention for the space clearing.



Mandalas are used to create a sacred space (this is a separate ceremony).kais-mandala

“Having Wenndi do the space clearing in my home was like an energetic “roto-rooter” job. I was feeling totally stuck regarding some major life decisions, and felt like I just couldn’t tap in to my own vision of what I wanted. Wenndi was not only able to identify exactly what was getting in my way, but to break apart the “stuck” energy, allowing my imagination and intuition to start flowing again. I have been able to identify where I want to go in the areas of career, family, and artistic expression. I am on a roll in terms of knowing what actions to take, and being led to exactly what’s next. My husband is appreciating and enjoying the shift, and we have found ourselves tackling and completing projects together around the home that had been hanging around incomplete for months. The space clearing definitely met all of my expectations and then some.”  ~ LCD, Escondido, CA

It was absolutely wonderful to have you come over and conduct the space clearing! I really enjoyed your presence and company and my place feels new. The next day, I felt stuck and then a prompting appeared that made me go through the whole closet.  I emptied out all the clothes that didn’t have the energy of where I am headed. It was an easy and quick process and the trunk of my vehicle was filled with clothes.  I would not have been able to do that without the space clearing and question/answer we did to clarify and identify what is the energy of “moving forward”.  Last night, I felt that same prompting again, and it guided me to the plastic bin on the top shelf of the tall storage cabinet in the living room.  Remember the dizzying effect it had on me when we were clearing the energy from it? That bin was full of old photos … It was an easy de-cluttering process and I only kept the photos that felt good. Things are rapidly moving forward. 🙂 ~MI,  Orange County, CA

Just wanted to thank you again for the space clearing yesterday! I had the best sleep ever last night and didn’t get up feeling all icky or overwhelmed… I felt really energized… I got up at 8 to start my day, I didn’t even go back to sleep and wait for my alarm which was set to go off at 9… 🙂 The office room feels like I can actually go in there now to work instead of just wanting to run away and shut the door! I made myself sit in there for 20 mins last night just to feel the space and infuse it a bit more with clarity. Hope your morning is going well! I got so excited I wanted to share and its only been an hour and half since waking up! Yay! Thank you, Much Love and Gratitude! ~A. San Diego, CA

Many thanks for the space clearing session today. It was quite an enlightening experience on many levels. You helped usher in fresh energy & “light” that will facilitate greater awareness, understanding and a sense of peace — enlightenment! (M. is especially appreciative for her “eureka” moment…) ~M & J, San Francisco, CA

Just writing to thank you for a bright and light day yesterday. Your spirit filled the house and gave me something to remember of what lightheartedness feels like. ~R.B. Berkeley CA

You clarified in half a day what it’s taken me half a lifetime to figure out… I am grateful. ~Elaina, San Jose, California

Ever since the day you cleared our business, things have definitely been rolling along. There is a momentum there that wasn’t before. It was happening while you were even there, it was truly amazing.~S.A. New Hampshire

My home feels lighter and my husband’s spirits are better. Thank you for the extra attention you gave to the Space Clearing. I felt it was a truly personalized ceremony. I love the way you included my son in the ceremony by letting him help with the flowers. From a grateful heart, thank you so much! ~A.T.

What was most helpful to me was your reading of our personal energy as you did the Space Clearing and the personal clearing at the end. Your observations were accurate, and clarified the issues I am currently working on in my quest for self-improvement. What you have done for us, is to etch into our walls so to speak, a sense of hope, support, and happiness that we can use to make the positive changes we want in our home and lives. ~L.M

The most amazing difference I noticed after the clearing was that the house was brighter, lighter, tingly and the fog was gone. But I didn’t notice (see) the fog until it was gone. That’s what was so amazing! ~K.C.

I really enjoyed the space clearing…the house has such a lighter and cleaner feel to it. And, I am always so impressed with the reading ability you have and the profound effect it has upon me. ~Cristina S., San Diego