Stress affects us on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. We need to address it on these levels as well.

It’s not hard to feel the effects of stress once it’s hit but wouldn’t you rather catch it early and avoid the reactions, headaches and fatigue? To do this you need a bit of awareness and the ability to feel the early stages of stress.  In this workshop you will learn techniques that will transform the way you live, work and play.

In this workshop you will learn

  • A 15 – 20 minute meditation
  • Heart opening practices to help you feel more and think less
  • Energetic cleansing techniques that are quick and easy
  • Ways to lift that afternoon brain fog
  • How to maintain your home or work space to minimize stress
  • Ways to improve your sleep and increase your creativity
  • To catch a stress headache early and keep it from manifesting
  • What to do when that familiar shoulder and neck pain kicks in

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Enjoy The Journey Workshop