What is ISIS? How is it done?

ISIS (Inner Space, Interactive Sourcing) is an interactive technique done with two people, a client and a practitioner (or connector). ISIS is done laying down and in a meditative space so that the client feels relaxed and safe going into the process. A dialogue is engaged to facilitate the client in bringing more awareness to what is happening in their subtle energy and their life from a perspective of inner knowing. It is based more on feelings rather than mental constructions or beliefs and has a metaphysical component to it way beyond the scope of ‘talk therapy’. The ‘sourcing’ part has to do with finding the source of present emotional blockages and conditioned behavior, allowing for a release that results in greater freedom.

Beyond emotional work, ISIS provides a framework for a systematic exploration of states of consciousness beyond the scope of the ordinary mind. Clients find themselves opening and engaging with bigger parts of themselves allowing them to step into a fuller, more present version of themselves. Clients often remark on how they feel more confident, creative and liberated afterwards.

Make the most of your sessions:

– Keep meals light beforehand;

– Limit coffee that day;

– No alcohol for 48 hours prior;

– No recreational drugs for 2 weeks;

– Be honest about what you’re feeling.